About Us

Lighthouse Lubricants is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of premium quality lubri-coolants and process chemicals for today’s demanding electronics industries. Consistency of quality products and delivery and expertise of personnel have enabled Lighthouse to be on the leading edge of technological advancement in the manufacturing of precision optics, quartz crystals, technical ceramics, semiconductors, thin film heads, silicon, and related materials.

Why Us?

Customers using our lubricant-coolants find that they:
Reduce/eliminate foaming, cost, rancidity, dermatitis, and chipping while
Increasing surface finish, feed rate, tool life, and overall operating efficiency and processing economics.


In September of 2000, Lighthouse further enhanced its product line through the acquisition of the specialty lubri-coolant technology developed and marketed by the Gard Corporation, a respected and well-known supplier to the electronics processing industry.

Our advanced line of products include: premium quality coolants, suspensions vehicles, process chemicals and specialty lubricants for today’s ceramic, optic, quartz crystal, semiconductor, silicon, and related micro-electronic industries.