Lighthouse Lubricants is proud to offer a complete line of conventional and synthetic, water, glycol, oil and bio-based coolants, suspension fluids, and specialty process chemicals.


Our products are available in a wide variety of polyethethylene and steel containers.  Our standard packaging includes one-gallon bottles, five-gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.  For those requiring larger package sizes we offer intermediate bulk containers from 300-500 gallons and can also provide our product in bulk tank truck and tank cars if required.

Our plastic containers are blow molded with high-density, corrosion resistant polyethylene in order to withstand the rigors of distribution, steam sterilization, or even freezing. Our double-protected steel containers have a rugged design for carefree transportation.  They are side seam welded with rolling hoops for added strength.

Quality Control

Our quality control systems monitor weight, label, and product specifications.  Batch codes are printed on each container for accurate tracking. Retain samples are prepared for each batch we produce.


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Product Spotlight

Opticut GPM

Fully synthetic lubri-coolant for slicing, dicing, grinding, and machining a broad range of materials including ceramic, optics, silicon, and quartz crystals.

PDS (Product Data Sheet)
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
Weights and Measurements


Crystalcut 300

An oil-based abrasive suspension fluid for multiple blade slurry sawing and lapping in loose abrasive environments.

PDS (Product Data Sheet)
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
Weights and Measurements
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